It's time to grab the tiger hat in Kena: Bridge of Spirits before it's gone


Patch 1.15 is a cute Lunar New Year nod

Lunar New Year manifests in gaming in a bunch of ways, whether it’s an in-game event or level, a new set of character skins, or a right-on-cue Steam sale. In the case of patch 1.15 for Kena: Bridge of Spirits, we’re getting a tiger hat for our precious Rot companions.

The little critters can be outfitted with all sorts of hats — to the point where I feel weird even calling them “hats.” I mean, one’s a frog! Another is a well-balanced pinecone. Like a previous giveaway for Halloween, the Lunar New Year tiger hat is up for grabs for a limited time; in this case, you’ve got to make your move before February 15, 2022.

Kena creator Ember Lab has also incorporated “minor bug fixes,” making patch 1.15 a short and sweet two-bullet-pointer. It’s no Battlefield 2042 update, that’s for damn sure.


— JakeSuli??? (@JakeSuliVGames) February 2, 2022

Granted, you might’ve already deleted the game for storage-saving purposes if you have it on a PS5 in particular, which, same. Or perhaps you’re holding on for more substantial updates, so it’s still within immediate reach. One of the big wishlist items is New Game+, which is one of those requests you could make for many games of this collectible-scrounging action-adventure nature. If the day comes, I’m ready to pop back in to face the Master difficulty. It’s cute on the outside looking in, but Kena does not mess around — especially when it comes to pretty limited health and some hard-hitting bosses.

Beyond this nice gesture of an update, there’s a sale. The developers have knocked Kena: Bridge of Spirits down to $27.99 on PS4 and PS5 (one purchase grants you both versions) and PC (on the Epic Games Store). The deal is 30 percent off, and it’s good until Feb. 16 on PlayStation and Feb. 10 on PC. If Kena looks “worth playing” to you, it probably will be.

Where are my tigers at?