Get a quick look at Mega Man Legacy Collection's challenges


This is my most anticipated feature

Details for the Mega Man Legacy Collectionare starting to pop up, and this time, we have some insight into the challenge mode. The final version will have “more than 50 challenges” available, all with leaderboard support and video replays. Taking a look at the screens in the gallery, so far they seem to be boss rush time attack fare, which could get boring if that’s all they have to offer. The same thing goes for the Museum mode, which apparently only offers up existing artwork and information.

As for other tidbits, the Legacy Collectionwill preserve the flicker and slowdown of the NES originals, but glitches like life bar flickering (or horn flickering on Air Man’s stage, which always bothered me) have been fixed. Visual filters and screen borders are reconfirmed, as is a 16:9 mode.

If you’re interested, a live stream will be held later today from 4PM to 5PM Pacific — check Capcom Unity page later today for more info.

Mega Man Legacy Collection – feature update [Capcom Unity]