Get free Halo 5 DLC for watching ten short videos


One REQ pack

Most microtransactions ask that you trade real-world money for small chunks of video game content. AHalo 5pre-release microtransaction promotion doesn’t require your money, however; it requires your time. Fortunately, it’s not much at all.

Microsoft and 343 Industries have launched an interactive site that pits Master Chief’s ideology against Spartan Locke’s. Each warrior has five videos dedicated to their point-of-view. They’re clearly at odds.

If you’re willing to sit through these ten less-than-ten-second clips, you’ll be rewarded with a free REQ pack. We learned last month that REQ packs are Halo 5‘s form of microtransactions. They start at $2, but 343 insists that the in-game currency comes frequently enough that it’s not at all necessary to spend actual money.

For what it’s worth, I was gifted a weapon skin for an assault rifle. It’s not exactly the sort of DLC that will change anyone’s perception of a game. But, the videos were all interesting, so it wasn’t a chore in the least to watch them.

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