Get half-off amiibo and games today at Best Buy


Stacks with GCU!

When it’s not hawking the Geek Squad service down your throat, Best Buy occasionally runs wicked sales and promotions. Today is one such day with half-off select video games (we count 52 titles across platforms). Plus, select amiibo figures are also on sale and all of this can stack with Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlock membership discount for an additional 20 percent off. If you have GCU, you really should browse through the sale.

Our top picks include $20 Tales of Zestiria on the PS4, and $10 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for the PS3. Also consider The Elder Scrolls: Online Tamriel Unlimited on PS4 and Xbox One for only $15. It’s a good pick-up to scratch the MMO itch now that the subscription fee is a thing of the past.


Xbox One

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