Get ready to drop a lot of cash on the Skylanders line, amiibo collectors


Very expensive variants

Those who collect amiibo are no stranger to the variant game. It was just this past spring when both Gold Mario and Silver Mario released — the former significantly more sought-after than the latter. Two more variants were announced this morning, and they probably won’t be tough to get, just expensive.

This news comes courtesy not of Nintendo, but of Activision as these two amiibo are part of the Skylanders SuperChargersline. Activision is releasing unique “Dark Edition” starter packs for all platforms, which come with a handful of figurines each. The Wii U version includes a Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong with his Dark Barrel Blaster vehicle; the Wii version’s outfitted with Dark Hammer Slam Bowser and his Dark Clown Cruiser.

These dark amiibo are exclusive to the starter packs, which run $99 each. Essentially, for those amiibo collectors who are after a “complete” set, these two alone will cost $200 at retail price (and that’s before picking up the regular versions of each of these for another $15 or so). Many will shell out that money with no actual interest in Skylanders.

Maybe life was better before amiibo.