Get your 8-bit motor running for Excitebike on Nintendo Switch


‘Arcade Archive’ somewhat dubious

Retro fans Hamster have released another title to their Arcade Archive range. This one is a little questionable, as its NES classic Excitebike, which was technically in the arcades, but only as a part of the game-changing “VS.” arcade system, which used altered NES roms.

Still, for those of you want a piece of the 8-bit motorcross action, Excitebike rides again on Nintendo Switch. Originally released in 1984, Excitebike leads players around a pretty basic, high-speed race-track, complete with ramps for all your wheelie-popping needs.

This VS. edition of the Famicom classic included some re-arrangement of track layout, as well as different chiptune beats to punctuate your dirt-ripping race. It sadly does not include the Track Design option which was available in the home version.

Excitebike is available for download now on Nintendo Switch.