Get your body Lady for Idolmaster: Platinum Stars' trailer


Prepare for EXTREME LIVE

It wasn’t enough for Bandai Namco to merely announce that [email protected]: Platinum Starswas on its way to PS4 this year, oh no. No, they had to show the thing off in motion today, and I have to say it’s looking quite good.

The biggest improvements appear to be in in the graphics department. It’s no powerhouse, mind you, but little details like the smooth animation and extra physics on the idols’ hair and clothes, the more complex and detailed stage and lighting setups, and additional expressiveness in the faces makes Platinum Starslook like an actual, native PS4 production rather than an up-rezzed PS3 title, which is the usual status quo in the anime-game world.

The trailer also shows off some of the training and rhythm gameplay, a new theme song (“Happy!”), in-engine cutscenes, and the “big event” for players and their selected idols to aim for, called the EXTREME LIVE. Not sure what’s “extreme” about it, but there is definitely an obscene amount of glowsticks being waved in the audience.

Bandai Namco has also opened the game’s official site, which includes some more gameplay details and stuff about the characters. I did notice that some key facts seem to be missing from the idols’ profile data, like how Miki, Makoto, and Takane are the best. Hmmmm, curious.

PS4「アイドルマスター プラチナスターズ」第1弾PV [Youtube]