Get your hopes way up for Sega's new game announcement


Game aimed at ‘fans of the classics’

Hi, kids! Are you a fan of Sega and its classic games? You are?! Well then I have great news for you. According to the Sega Facebook page, the publisher plans on announcing a new game.

“Gee willikers,” you might be saying to yourself as you wonder what this new title could possibly be. It could be nothing special, or it could be the greatest game ever created. That’s what’s special about the time between when we’re told a new game will be announced and when it’s actually announced: our imaginations are allowed to run wild with crazy awesome ideas the actual reveal will in no way come close to living up to.

So even though it’s probably just a localization of that Sega 3D Classics Archives game released in Japan last month, go ahead and pretend it will be that long-awaited reboot ofLandstalker or Crazy Taxi you’ve been praying for.