(Update) Oh look, a Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut


A Director’s Cut for PS4 and PS5

[Update: And here it is! Sony has officially announced the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut for PS4 and PS5. There are PS5-specific enhancements “like DualSense haptic feedback, Japanese lip sync, and more.” That includes the Legends co-op mode, as well as the Iki Island expansion, with a new island, more story, additional enemies, and other content/equipment. The expansion will also launch on PS4. You can find the trailer below!

It’s out on August 20 for $59.99 on PS4 and $69.99 on PS5. If you already own Ghost of Tsushima, you can upgrade to the Director’s Cut for $19.99 on PS4 or $29.99 on PS5.]

It begins! Sony, like many other publishers, loves to capitalize on its successes with re-releases and Game of the Year editions. Enter Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, which assuredly exists thanks to a full listing from the ESRB.

So it’s pretty cut and dried, with a full rating summary of the original release; but there’s at least one curious element here. The Director’s Cut listing notes “PS4 and PS5” (the game is currently just available on PS4 with a PS5 upgrade) and “in-game purchases” is denoted for just PS4. As usual this could be a misnomer, but it’s something to watch out for. The name “Director’s Cut” is so fitting, as the team wore their hearts on their sleeve in terms of their adherence to Kurosawa’s film catalog.

In my original review, I hoped that this game would catch on like wildfire so that Sucker Punch would get the recognition it deserved. I mean, the Sly Cooper series slaps, but it was high time they stopped being the “Infamous studio” for five years running. Ghost put them back on the map and I hope we see more projects from them more often going forward.