Ghost of Tsushima will get a lock-on, after all


Target lock-on is coming in a free update along with new accessibility options

Whether or not you’re interested in the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut (a paid upgrade coming August 20), you may want to keep tabs on the base game anyway. A few fan-requested features, including a target lock-on in combat, will show up in a free update.

As Sucker Punch’s Andrew Goldfarb notes on the PlayStation Blog, everyone who owns Ghost of Tsushima — the Director’s Cut or otherwise — can expect a free update with “some new accessibility options for alternate controller layouts,” “the option to enable a target lock-on during combat,” and “an option to hide your quiver during gameplay.”

It sounds as if this particular update will be out “alongside” the Director’s Cut.

At a certain point, even if I would’ve originally liked a lock-on, I just grew accustomed to how Ghost of Tsushima handles combat and the ways in which enemies tend to come after Jin. It felt appropriately balanced as it was (until I got too powerful too early; but that’s what difficulty options are for!). That said, I’ll take a lock-on, thanks. It’s never too late.

Know what else I’ll take? More content for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends — the pretty dang great demon-slaying PvE mode is getting “some new updates, including an all-new mode that we’re excited to detail in the weeks to come.” This stuff will also be free.

As for the Director’s Cut upgrade, as a platinum-trophy-haver, I can’t say with confidence that I need even more Ghost of Tsushima in my life in 2021. At the very least, if I’m willing to spend the $30 to upgrade to the PS5 edition next month, I’ll just want to transfer my save file and make a beeline for the Iki Island region. I do not have a full replay in me.

At any rate, it’s awesome to see this late-PS4-life-cycle game thrive all over again.