Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting a permadeath mode


Dear god, why?

Were you one of the many people that found Ghost Recon Wildlands to be lacking from a realistic standpoint? Did the game’s lack of difficulty leave you completely bored and wishing for something more challenging? You’ll be in luck, then, as Ubisoft is going to add a permadeath mode to the open-world shoot-a-thon.

Called “Ghost Mode,” the permadeath feature will actually accompany the regular difficulty selections in Wildlands, just with the added caveat of permanent expiration. Perish in a gunfight and you’ll be back to square one; no unlocking perks and skills and transferring them over time. To add an additional layer of realism, reloading clips before depleting them in Ghost Mode will see you lose the remaining ammo.

The PvP “Ghost War” mode will also be getting a brand new map and some quality of life improvements. A victory screen will be added to show off your character upon finishing a match while an observer mode will be coming to let players spectate games. I’m mostly surprised that last one wasn’t already a feature, but the effort is appreciated.

For some odd reason, Season Two pass holders will be getting these updates on July 24 while standard users will get it on July 31. I’m not sure why the delay is necessary for content that simply modifies the base game, but I suppose if you’re keen to get your ass kicked sooner, you now know how.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Special Operation 2 Update | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA] [Ubisoft North America via YouTube]