Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting some crossover DLC with Rainbow Six Siege


Brains meet Brawn

Today is certainly a good day to be a fan of Tom Clancy games. Along with the permadeath update for Ghost Recon Wildlands, it looks like Ubisoft’s mega-popular open-world game is going to host another crossover event with a different Tom Clancy property. This time on the docket, Team Rainbow from the Rainbow Six series will be making some kind of appearance in Bolivia to help Team Ghost end the war on drugs.

This is mostly speculation, though, as Ubisoft has only uploaded a teaser trailer for the event. The full reveal will be happening on July 23 (the day before the permadeath patch releases), so anything could happen. I’m not holding out that much hope because Rainbow Six doesn’t have the same kind of storied history as Splinter Cell. It would be neat to see the return of Ding Chavez, though.