Giant Uplay and Star Wars sales grace PC for the weekend


Wookie-approved deals

WinGameStore, a digital retailer that sells Windows games (shocking), is running two big sales events this weekend from two major angles. In corner one, we have a flurry of Uplay titles, everything from Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry to Heroes of Might and Magic. Most titles are priced reasonably, though we didn’t spot too many historic low prices. The only titles at their lowest recorded price are the Deluxe Editions of select titles. Noteworthy though is Might and Magic Heroes VI Complete for only $16, which is a great price for fans of the series.

For the other major sale, WinGameStore has 20 Star Wars titles on tap for up to 76% off. In fact, all titles except Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith are at 76% off. Funny enough, Mysteries of the Sith at $1.99 is also at the lowest price ever. Our personal pick from the scores of games below include Knights of the Old Republic I and II, Republic Commando, and X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter.

Note: Items in bold are at their historic low price.

Star Wars Sale

Ubisoft Sale

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