Giant Xbox One sale continues with free $50 gift code and controller


‘Just buy one already’ -Microsoft

We can almost hear Microsoft at this point: “We’ll give you anything you want, just help us clear out some of these Xbox One bundles from our warehouse.”

The Xbox One sale at the Microsoft Store is continuing in earnest, especially during this holiday weekend. If you’ve been keeping up with some of our Xbox One deal posts, you’ll notice that Xbox One units are inching closer and closer to the $200 price point when on sale (e.g., there’s an Xbox One Kinect bundle on sale for $230 right now).

Microsoft has now made its offering match the price value of that $230 bundle by tossing in an additional free $50 gift code with the purchase of an Xbox One bundle. This is in addition to the free controller and free Ubisoft game. So in all, you’ll receive freebies totaling about $110 in value.

Microsoft Store Xbox One + Controller + $50 Gift:

Other Xbox One Sale: