Gintama action game teaser is here tease us with a tiny bit of game action


Show us some Zura, please

Yesterday, we reported on some great news that the action comedy anime Gintama will finally be getting a “Serious Quality” action game that featured “Super Beautiful Modeling.” Less than a day later (which is today), we get a little bit of a tease of game animation in a video featuring Gintama protagonist Gintoki and main villain Takasugi dueling it out for the Gintama game dubbed Project “Last Game.” Bandai Namco is doing this one, which is a good sign since their anime action games are at least decent most of the time.

There isn’t much in the video below, with the Gintamaanime cast doing the “talking over static imagery that saves a lot of money” bit they do a lot on the show to kill time. My Japanese is very limited but I gather that they are talking about the upcoming live action movie and game. Y’all can skip to the 3:30 mark to check out the actual teaser footage of the game. The models don’t look bad but I just hope this first attempt at a Gintamaaction game turns out well since the few action bits in the anime are pretty rad and would be great to play in a game.

Gintama’s New PS4 And PS Vita Action Game Gets A Teaser Trailer [Siliconera]