Giveaway: Get behind the wheel for a free copy of Death Road to Canada


Oh, Canada!

When the shit finally hits the fan and zombies take over the Earth, I think the safest place to be would be Canada. Everyone is just so friendly up there, so at least their zombies would feel bad about eating you. That’s a start, right?

Let’s give out some Switch keys of Death Road to Canada to celebrate our Canuck-ian friends in the north!

Death Road to Canada is a Permadeath Randomized Road Trip Simulator wherein you must manage a group of survivors on your way to the safety of The Great White North. Everything from weapons and stipulations to survivors and skillsets is randomized, so not only will no two playthroughs ever be the same, but you must also constantly adapt to the changing world around you. It sounds stressful and awesome, strawesome, if you will. Hell, you can even make your own survivors to randomly pop up in the game, so you can finally fight zombies with Mayor McCheese, which is something I’ve always dreamed of doing.

To get your pink slip for a free copy of the game, comment below with your region (NA or EU) and the custom survivor that you plan on making once you finally boot up the game. You can’t take Mayor McCheese, though. I already called dibs. Get your own, damn it.

We have five NA and five EU Switch keys to give out, and winners will be randomly drawn on Friday, August 31. Make sure you comment with a Dtoid account that has your current email address on file. Consider me the DMV, if your records aren’t up to date, you’ll be thrown in jail. I mean it, bub.

Death Road to Canada is available now for Switch. North Americans can buy it here, and Europeans can purchase a jolly old copy here. Happy trails, folks!