Global missions return for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon


Gotta catch 10 million

We didn’t do so hot with global missions in Pokémon Sun and Moon (at least not early on) but maybe things will turn out better with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. That’s right — the shared objectives are back, and they’re once again asking us to collectively do something or other a whole lotta times.

The first of these missions is simple enough: catch 10 million Pokémon by November 28, 2017.

If we can do that, we will earn 2,000 Festival Coins for use at the shops in the Festival Plaza. If we miss the goal, we’ll still walk away with 1,000 coins. And in either scenario, if your game is registered with the Pokémon Global Link, you’ll get double the number of Festival Coins.

As a refresher, here’s how to partake in global missions:

1. Enter Festival Plaza in Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon by selecting it in your in-game menu, which you’ll find by pressing the X Button.

2. Enter Festival Plaza’s central castle.

3. Speak to the global mission receptionist on the right and let her know you want to participate in the global mission.

4. Remember to return before the mission ends to sync your game to add to the global count! Once you’ve joined the global mission, talk to the receptionist to have your progress sent to the Pokémon Global Link. Also, if you’ve registered your game to a PGL account, simply connecting to the internet while in Festival Plaza will cause your game to sync automatically, sending your progress to the server.

There’s a whole schedule lined up, too.

  • November 17–28, 2017: Catch a lot of Pokémon!
  • December 12–27, 2017: Have Fun Mantine Surfing!
  • January 9–23, 2018: Win at the Battle Agency!
  • February 6–20, 2018: Harvest Poké Beans!
  • March 6–20, 2018: Trade Pokémon at the GTS!
  • April 3–17, 2018: Hatch a lot of Eggs!
  • May 1–15, 2018: Get BP at the Battle Tree!
  • June 5–19, 2018: Play in Festival Plaza!

One last thing! Anyone who registers their copy of Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon and uses Game Sync between November 17 and January 30 will score a Master Ball.

Global Missions Begin Anew [Pokemon]