Go play the Rayman Legends demo on Nintendo Switch


It’s a thing of beauty

The demo for Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition is now live on Nintendo Switch, and with that, today just got a little brighter. Just head over to the eShop, go to “Coming Soon,” and then shimmy on down past Troll and I and other listings until you find dear sweet Rayman. Or queue it up right here.

This is one of those ports that I don’t need to replay, but totally will. I’m mostly going to play in docked mode, so I won’t make use of the touch screen for rope cutting, and I’m not really into Kung Foot, either, but eff it — it’s cooperative Rayman! I’ll take any excuse to run through this game again.

The demo has three levels, including the smile-inducing Castle Rock, and it supports drop-in co-op.