Goat Simulator takes to space


Goat Simulator Waste of Space expansion

Goat Simulator‘s latest expansion takes place on a scam, crowdfunded space colony; an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator (narrating the trailer); a Star Wars: The Force Awakens joke; a 69 joke; a #MakeSpaceGreatAgain (picking up the mantle from Paradox’s Stellaris). I guess this is what people mean when they say “shitposting,” but in video game form? I don’t know, but it looks amusing.

The Waste of Space expansion is being made by Gone North Games, the studio that made the GoatZ expansion, and is due out on PC, iOS, Android and Amazon. “Console ports might come in the future.”

Following the logic of the Leprechaun movie franchise, the only wild place for Goat Simulator to go post-space? The hood.