Golf Story is out this week on Nintendo Switch



[Update: Nintendo of America has confirmed a September 28 launch as well. Yay!]

When’s Golf Story out? Patience! It’ll be here soon. (That’s what I’ve been telling myself for weeks now.)

Sidebar Games listed a September 2017 release for Golf Story on Nintendo Switch a while back, but lately, the developer hasn’t had much else to say about its RPG-style golf game. People were starting to worry that it’d slip, to the point where some have been checking the eShop daily for information.

Today was the lucky day, at least in certain regions. Golf Story is listed for a September 28 launch on both the European and Australian eShops. I haven’t seen anything pop up on the North American eShop at the time of writing this post, but a Thursday release seems like a safe bet at this point.

I hope this gives us the Mario Golf (Game Boy Color) vibe we’re after.

Golf Story releasing 28th of September !! (Australia) [reddit]