Gone Home but with the playable car protagonist it always needed


Gone Vroom

Gone Homeis an emotional explorative game about a young woman named Katie discovering the trials and tribulations her family has undergone in the time she was traveling abroad. Gone Vroomis that same game, except with a car. Let’s call it Caddy.

As part of game jam Ludum Dare 41 (and as discovered by Rock Paper Shotgun), John Remedios took the event’s theme, two genres that shouldn’t be compatible, and ran/drove to the best possible result. Mashing up walking simulators and car simulators, he created Gone Vroom. You can download it here if this gets your engine revving.

I dare (ha!) say Remedios nailed his assignment. These two genres definitely shouldn’t have ever been merged. Cars belong in garages, not in houses.

Gone Vroom [itch.io via Rock Paper Shotgun]