Good lord, Dark Souls board game closes near $5.5 million


Bored game

The Kickstarter campaign for Dark Souls: The Board Game has mercifully come to a close (though you can still offer a late pledge) at around $5,466,884. Almost five and half million dollars.

It began with a goal of just under $73,000. It made 75 times that.

Sure a lot of that goes into production, shipping, what have you. But got damn that’s a lotta cheddar and a sharp slice’d go great on this poverty sandwich of plain bread and water. Since we last reported on it, those 20,000+ backers turned into 31,178 backers.

And that split might be the most impressive part. It’s right behind Bloodstained (the second-most-funded video game Kickstarter), with both sitting around $5.5M raised, but Bloodstained did it by way of 64,867 backers — over twice as much. Board game folks shell out mad cash. I’m writing about the wrong king of games. “Board” and “Hunger” — that’s my brand from here on out.