Good ol' Walmart has Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 for 28% off


That’s some mega pre-order deal

Price mistake? Aggressive robot? Maybe it’s just Walmart outright getting in Amazon and Best Buy’s face? Whatever it is, we’re spotting more and more aggressive Walmart deals for pre-orders on video game titles. Some are tied to a store pick-up discount, but in the case of August’s Mega Man Legacy Collection2, the PS4 and Xbox One copy is now at a ridiculously high 28% off for only $14 and change.

Best of all? No paid membership is required to score this deal. Unlike previousWalmart pre-order deals where store pick-up is required, this is available as an online purchase for shipping (though you can do store pickup as well if you’d like to grab it on release day vs. waiting for the UPS guy to sneakily drop it off without knocking or ringing your door bell).

Mega Deal

Collecting Mega Man 7 to 10, the collection is developed by Capcom, instead of Digital Eclipse Software, the studio that handled the first Collection. We can’t confirm it, but it doesn’t appear pre-ordering the physical copy will receive the same sweet theme you’ll get if you pre-order the digital copy.

So your call if $4 is worth it for a PS4 theme. (Xbox gamers need not apply, of course.)

If you’re hyped for the collection, this is probably the best deal you can get until six months post-release. For those who want to adore their PC or mobile with wallpapers of the title until launch, you can find them here at the official site.

We suspect a few pre-order deals will also become available for the PC/Steam copy of the game, and we’ll update the post accordingly if and when they do show up.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will be available on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The game releases on August 8, 2017.

Update: We incorrectly stated that Digital Eclipse was handling this collection. Thanks to ZomebieGadget for the correction!

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