Google browser game honors Wilbur Scoville


Devised pepper heat scale

Google has a cute little game today honoring the American pharmacistWilbur Scoville. Scoville, born on this day in 1865, came up with a heat scale for peppers. It eventually lead to what is referred to as the “Scoville scale,” and is widely used by both the commercial and private sector today.

I’m a huge fan of hot sauce and spicy foods, so this little exercise was pretty fun. My fridge is usually stocked with a collection of roughly 10 sauces at all times, ranging fromjalapeño to ghost pepper bases. I don’t have many friends who also like the heat, so I enjoy them in solitude.

As a side note to all the hot-heads out there, if you’re going to MAGFest, check outPepper Palace right near the hotel.