Google whipped up a cute competitive ghost game for Halloween


Something to play while you give out candy

Just in time for Halloween 2018, Google has released The Great Ghoul Duel, a team-based multiplayer Google Doodle game in which players race to collect spirits and bank them back at their base. You can play it in your browser with mouse or keyboard controls, and it also works fine on mobile devices.

The Great Ghoul Duel is a great little time-waster, and I mean that as a sincere compliment.

The game is fast, approachable, and allows for just enough strategy to keep things fresh. You can scour the map for far-off spirits and keep a low profile, or you can strike at the last moment to steal the other team’s spirits when they try to deposit them. I’ve enjoyed bouncing back and forth between those two extremes as matches progress. The mad dash in the final few seconds is where the magic happens.

If you enjoy Snake, Pac-Man Championship Edition, and, give this a shot.