Gotham Knights is slipping to 2022


The game was delayed out of 2021 but we’ll see more of Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing ‘in the coming months’

The longer Gotham Knights simmers in my mind, the more I actively want to play it. I have reservations, sure – can WB Games Montréal really juggle co-op and character progression and everything else at this scale? – but even if the game ultimately falls short of the Arkham legacy, I’m very much in.

That said, a lot could change in a year. Chris sent me a vague Slack message this morning about “Gotham,” and in my pre-coffee funk, I could only assume he was talking about this. For once, he wasn’t!

— Gotham Knights (@GothamKnights) March 19, 2021

In a short and not-so-sweet tweet, WB Games Montréal said that it needs “more time to deliver the best possible experience for players,” and as such, Gotham Knights has been delayed out of 2021.

If you need it, a refresher on Gotham Knights‘ “open-world city with drop-in co-op” structure:

And a gentle nudge that, last we heard, it will be playable offline in single-player.

“We look forward to showcasing more of the game in the coming months,” the studio added.

One of the big lingering questions, at least for me, is how progression feels in practice – and whether the creators will make the most of the Court of Owls. While we saw damage pop-ups and enemies with level icons in the initial footage, there’s supposedly “no level gating whatsoever” in Gotham Knights.

With the summer of news streams looming on the uncomfortably close horizon, I’m sure they’ll have plenty of opportunities to fill us in; I’m ready to hear about a whole bunch of 2021 games that are actually 2022 games. For anyone out there struggling to snag a PS5, Xbox Series X/S, or up-to-date GPU, you aren’t missing much – at least not yet. Next year’s game lineup will be a different story.