Grab free Platinum Points for My Nintendo today for the Zelda reveal



Regardless of how you feel about Nintendo’s My Nintendo program, free points should pretty much appeal to everyone, and you can snag 60 (70 with a secret) today to celebrate the unveiling of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

All you have to do is go to the official E3 site, and look for a Sheikah Slate, Sheikah Eye, a “Z Icon,” and locate a special hidden mission. That’s it! If you want the solutions that I was able to figure out with a few friends of mine, feel free to check them out below.

E3 []


  • For the Sheikah Eye, go to the Zelda main page on the E3 site, and look near the social media icons.
  • For the Sheikah Slate, find it in the middle of the main page.
  • The Z Icon is in the video section. Click a video and look for it right below the play area.
  • Finally, the bonus mission is on the main games page. Find the actual Treehouse (blue and white) then click the Mii.