Is the Xbox One S Microsoft's new console?


Seems likely, but let’s wait and see

[Update: NerdLeaks, a site known for its numerous and accurate leaks,claims that the Xbox One S will be the first thing to be announced in Microsoft’s E3 conference later today. It’ll also be priced at a pretty dang low at $299.

That price seems a bit too small to me, especially considering the extra storage and higher specs the S is suggested to have over the current model. I’m taking this with a grain of salt, but we’ll find out for sure at the conference, which beings at 5:30PM BST/9:30AM PDT today (June 13).]

Much like seemingly everything else at this year’s E3, it looks like the new Xbox One model has been leaked.

According to a post on NeoGAF, the Xbox One S will be both a form and specs upgrade over the original console (much like the recently confirmed PlayStation 4 Neo). It’ll be 40% smaller, have a whopping two terabytes of storage, support for 4K video and high dynamic range, a newly-designed controller, and a vertical stand.

Funnily enough, people have been predicting an S model for a few months now. This article on Thurott describes an Xbox One S that’s 50-60% the size of the current model, which is precisely what the leak says too. It also discusses that there were originally two versions of the console intended, with a “Yuma” model that was smaller and without the gaming capabilities of the version we saw launch.

While the S in this leak seems different in a few ways to both the Thurott writer’s idea and the Yuma model– being a smaller, more living-room friendly size while also featuring a spec upgrade – it’s still interesting to see these ideas have been floating around for months now.

It’s important to note this is a completely unsourced “leak” posted to NeoGAF, and the leaker, who goes by the name KawabataSan, has even deleted the original message. As plausible as it sounds, we won’t know for sure that it’s an actual thing until Microsoft’s E3 press conference tomorrow.

Xbox One (Slim) – Partial image leaks [Up: Full Image] [NeoGAF]