Grab your Shiny Rayquaza now in Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire


You can do it from your home

[Update: Nintendo has just informed Destructoid that this promotion will last until September 14, 2015.]

Own a copy ofPokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire in the North America region? Boot it up now and in the Mystery Gift section, go over to the “Internet” option — you’ll get a newShiny Rayquaza for your troubles. It’s level 70, and holds a Dragon Fang. This event was previously held in New Zealand and Australia, and there’s no current date for Europe yet.

I just tested it this morning and everything seems to be in working order. You may need to update your 3DS and the game proper though if you haven’t played in a while. While I’m disappointed that most of these recent events have ignored X & Y entirely, at the very least, we shouldbe getting Hoopa later this version for both ORASand X & Y— if Japan is anything to go by.

Tuesday [Serebii]