Gran Turismo 7 track and car count revealed


420 cars, 90 tracks

Gran Turismo 7 has been in the works for a long time, and just like the prior entries, it’ll reflect that with its content. Thanks to a Japanese flier for the game that’s advertising its impending March 2022 launch, we have more of an idea of what to expect. Allegedly, it’ll contain roughly 420 cars with 90 tracks.

The flier comes via Twitter user bookkyamp, who located it at a Japanese Yodobashi Camera that was sitting out. Not only does the flier tease “special events” like “race to the music,” but it also seemingly confirms that the game will feature the above Gran Turismo 7 track and car count. Note that Gran Turismo 6 contained about 1197 cars, and 41 tracks (with up to 86 via variants). That variant count will likely come into play for the upcoming edition.

Forum GT Planet actually managed to break down the entire flier, and provide even more info. You can find the full breakdown below from user PettyWingman, on top of the aforementioned Gran Turismo 7 track and car info.

Brand Central
A shopping mall which over 60 automobile brands assemble.
You can purchase over 300 post-2011 cars here.

Used Cars Dealer
The cars which have been discontinued for a long time are lined up here.
The Japanese historic cars in ’80s and ’90s are also available.
The lineup would be updated every day.

Your base of the car life.
Up to 1000 cars can be stored and you can gaze at and setup your car.

Tuning Shop
Engine, tire, brake, suspension etc… a huge amount of tuning parts are available.
You can also purchase the supercharger, turbocharger, weight reduction and rigidity increase.

GT Auto
Dress up your car here.
Over 130 wheels and over 600 aero parts are lined up.
Oil change, car wash, painting and livery editing are also available.

Over 2500 photo locations in 40 countries all over the world.
Place your car in a beautiful scene and take realistic HDR photographs.

License Center
Learn the driving technique from scratch.
You can learn from basic techniques to different drivings for each car and course.

Mission Challenge
0-400m Battle, Drifting, Max Speed Challenge, “Music Rally” which you can race to music etc…
You can experience unique events that is different from ordinary racing.

World Circuits
World circuits such as Le Mans and Nürburgring, beloved fictional citcuits such as Trail Mountain…
Over 90 layouts are in this game.