New Gran Turismo 7 update includes an assortment of tweaks and fixes



Polyphony Digital has released a brand new update for its classy driving simulator Gran Turismo 7. Available to download now on both PS4 and PS5, Version 1.11 brings with it a huge medley of small tweaks, fixes, and balance checks to the title’s massive roster of well-worn tracks and dazzling vehicles.

Perhaps the most notable element of the new update is an increase in earned Rewards across the board. As listed in the official patch notes, smart drivers should now rack up in-game prizes more regularly in GT7‘s World Circuit, Circuit Experience, and Lobby/Sports modes. In addition, new objectives have been added to Mission Mode, the in-game credit cap has been raised, and a variety of tweaks have been made to the physics engine and player controls — hoping to provide a tighter driving experience.

In regards to Gran Turismo 7‘s all-important audio/visual package, Version 1.11 has further polished its smoke effects, and removed a bug that caused debris to appear inside vehicles. For those of you with a fancy-dancy audio setup, Surround 7.1 has been better implemented to offer a more immersive experience, with new audio balance sliders added to the in-game audio menu. Now it’s like you’re actually in a car crash!

In regards to all of the minor tweaks to U.I., race tracks, individual vehicles, and The Livery, (not to mention a litany of bug stomps), there are simply too many to list here, so be sure to pull into the official patch notes for full details on what the new update is bringing to the GT7 party.

Gran Turismo 7 is available to purchase now on PlayStation platforms.