New Grand Theft Auto trilogy update targets rain, stability, and more


The 1.03 title update adds a cinematic camera option too

Rockstar Games and developer Grove Street Games have released a new title update for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, addressing some common complaints about the collection. Among the targeted fixes are the rain, the fog, the stability, and one pesky set of donut and nut.

The detailed patch notes went live today too, and they’re pretty extensive. The top-billed updates across the Grand Theft Auto trilogy are general stability improvements and fixes to a number of misspellings on art and signage. Rain shouldn’t appear indoors during some cutscenes any more, either.

Also part of the update is a new cinematic camera option. You can cycle through it while flicking through camera modes in-game. The Donut and Nut props at the Tuff Nuts shop have been touched up too!

But mostly, it’s a lot of rain. As pointed out on social media, rain pops up fairly often, both as part of the cutscene fix and in general fixes. (“Fixed an issue where the rain appears under water when falling,” for example.)

The Grand Theft Auto trilogy collection launched earlier this month and had a pretty lukewarm reception. The definitive versions still had their fun, but were also weighed down by a lot of technical issues and shortcomings. Eventually Rockstar published an apology for the state of the versions, and promised the classic PC versions would return to the Rockstar Store as well.

With all the technical analysis detailing and breaking down the state of this trilogy collection, it’s been shown there’s a lot to tackle. Players will likely comb over all the details and see what’s better now and what still needs more. Meanwhile, it seems like the modding community is already bringing their efforts to bear on the collection. Time will tell how it pans out.