Greetings from MomoCon 2016


We’ll be taking a look at the Indie Game Award Showcase

I had never heard of MomoCon before (which is held in Atlanta at theGeorgia World Congress Center, the same city asDragoncon, which I haveheard of!), but that changes this week. As part of theIndie Game Award Showcase, myself and Darren Nakamura will be in attendance as judges — so expect some hands-on coverage for a few of the nominees.

As you can see on the banner above, MomoCon fancies itself as an anime festival first and foremost, but like MAGFest, there’s also a ton of concessions for games — both video and tabletop related. There’s a number of pretty big guests (like Jim Cummings, of Disney/Darkwing Duckfame), lots of panels, gaming and dealer rooms, and concerts.

Take a look at the gallery to get an idea of what it’s about!

[Disclaimer: MomoCon provided travel to the event.]