A graphics card overclocking program has more Steam users than Battleborn



When Battleborn launched a few weeks ago, the response was uh… muted, to say the least. At best it’s an okay FPS-MOBA hybrid, at worst it’s not much more than a wet fart in a lift. It’s also leaking players like there’s no tomorrow, despite the price being slashed by almost half so soon.

At the time of writing, Battleborn has 2,434 concurrent Steam players and is, according to Steam Charts, the 103rd most played game on the platform. Considering how recently the game launched, and how much pre-release hype Gearbox was trying to build for it, it’s definitely not a good sign for its future.

It looks even worse when you consider what’s in 102nd place. EVGA PrecisionX 16, a program that helps you overclock your graphics card that launched almost two whole years ago now, has 2,448 “players.” It’s a handy and free tool for Nvidia graphics cards owners, sure, but there’re numerous alternatives to it out there that aren’t on Steam. For a recent major release to be less active than it is pretty embarrassing.

Other things that are proving more popular than Battleborn are Worm.is: The Game at #91, Shakes and Fidget at #66, Youtubers Life at #54, andSpacewar at #39. Spacewar isn’t even available through the Steam store, it’s a sample game offered for Steamworks developers!

At this time, we must be sympathetic because I’m sure this is a tough time for the Battleborn fan base. All three of them must be heartbroken to see the game peter out so quickly.