Groveling Dr. Wily is one of the best low key elements of classic Mega Man games and now there's a statue for it


Remember that time Mega Man almost killed him?

Beating a classic Mega Mangame came with its own special reward: the ability to revel in your enemy’s defeat.

After finishing off the last incarnation of whatever vehicle Dr. Wily cooked up on that particular occasion, he would beg for mercy. Over the years this become known as “groveling Wily,” and time after time Mega Man would acquiesce and bring him to justice, only for him to escape and repeat the process.

It’s as iconic as it is an in-joke, and now the event is immortalized in the form of a GameStop diorama, which features “real groveling bobble action.” See for yourself!

Can confirm, does grovel.

— MadMega (@MadMegaX381) September 26, 2018

Naturally we can’t talk about groveling Wily without mentioning one key moment in groveling history: that time Mega Man almost murdered him in cold blood.

At the end of the western translation ofMega Man 7, Dr. Wily tells the titular hero that “he’ll go quietly,” but the Blue Bomber has a different idea. Charging up his buster he vows to “[do] what he should have done years ago,” and nearly kills him. When Wily reminds him that he’s merely a machine, Mega Man replies “I am more than a robot. Die Wily!” His act of violence is only interrupted by a beam falling on the famous villain, which allows Bass, his trusty servant, to rescue him. Ever the realist, Bass informs Mega Man that “he who hesitates is lost,” and teleports away.

Translation issues aside it’s a poignant moment in the series and one worth remembering! Now you won’t forget if you’re able to occasionally look at this statue.

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