GTA Online shows no signs of stopping with its gunrunning update next month


This game just keeps dominating, sales and stream wise

You probably don’t think about GTA V all that often anymore, but literally tens of thousands of people are thinking about (or playing) GTA Online daily. There’s a reason the base game is so massively successful years down the line — because folks want to jump into the online world of crime and mess around in a giant sandbox with a vibrant community.

It’s been on the front page of Twitch or whereabouts for years now,and as of next month there’s a new update coming that’ll get some more eyes on it. It adds in the gunrunning mechanic, which adds hatches into the game with “sprawling underground headquarters for sale, ready to be stocked with new military-grad vehicles and weapons.”As is typical of the game it’s free DLC in the form of an update, and GTA Online is supported by microtransactions for currency.

If you aren’t sold on GTA Online, or at least the idea that anything interesting can happen in it, a number of roleplaying videos are out that showcase its many surprises.

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