GTA: San Andreas is coming to Xbox One backward compatibility


Along side Midnight Club: LA and Table Tennis no less!

Grove Street… Home. At least it was until Rockstar removed Express Yourself from N.W.A and Tom Petty’s Running Down A Dream. But, for those of you who wanna go back to the land of the heinous, gang-bangers and cold heat, in the city where neighbors get no sleep, beefing with anybody competing — you’re in luck. Because Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Midnight Club: Los Angeles and Rockstar’s Table Tennis are making their way to Xbox One’s backward compatibility next week on June 7.

Joining the likes of Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto IVandBully, it seems Rockstar is really big on the Xbox One’s greatest feature to date. Both the original Xbox and Xbox 360 versions of San Andreas will be compatible. Notably, save games from the original Xbox version will not transfer over. However, owners of that version will get the “upgraded” Xbox 360 version of the game that features “higher resolutions, enhanced draw distances, and Achievements.”

As for Midnight Club: Los Angeles, both the original and Complete Edition will be compatible. Meanwhile, the “unmatched intensity of real-world competitive table tennis” in Rockstar’s Table Tennis… will be just as unmatched and intense in a higher resolution!

Despite my grievances with iconic songs being removed in the classic GTA games, I’ll admit, the attention from Rockstar for the backward compatible stuff on Xbox One is tempting me to go grab one. Especially as I still own a huge majority of the sixth-generation Rockstar library on the original Xbox.

GTA: San Andreas,Midnight Club: Los AngelesandRockstar’s Table Tennisall become backwards compatible on Xbox One June 7.