Guacamelee is getting a limited PS4 retail edition


Limited run of 3,800 copies

Guacamelee is one of those games that really stuck in my mind when I played it so many years ago.

Not only does it lovingly recreate the Metroidvania formula in a way that many other developers hadn’t thought of, but it also had a lot of unique personality injected in by DrinkBox Studios. Witty writing, fun Easter eggs, great level design, hidden secrets (like conspicuous QR codes) — it’s all there, and that’s partly why it gets a yearly playthrough.

Although I already own it on multiple systems that’s why I’m tempted to pick up the limited edition on PS4 that just sprung up by way of Vblank, which is limited to 3,800 copies. It’s 30 bucks, and allows you to nab a physical copy of the game. Although downloadable prices have crept up from $10 to $15 to beyond, I think Guacameleeis worth it.

Guacamelee! STCE • Limited PS4 Retail [Vblank]