Guile's Dream: Street Fighter V's gonna be on ESPN


The Cinco on the Deuce

When Evo rolls around in two weeks’ time, it’ll get far more mainstream attention than usual. That’s because ESPN is broadcasting some of the tournament live on its not-quite-flagship station ESPN 2.

Not all of Evo will be represented, though. There won’t be any thrilling Super Smash Bros. Meleebouts or Mortal Kombatmatches. No, ESPN and Capcom have teamed up to show the Street Fighter VWorld Championship — the first of its kind considering that the game just released earlier this spring. Only the finals will be shown, which airs on July 17.

Even though the fighting game community isn’t necessarily happy with the state of Street Fighter Vit’s a good get for both Capcom and the eSports scene. Blizzard’s Heroes of the Stormhad the same treatment about a year ago and it further opened the door for the “eSports as Sports” conversation. Clearly that’s still progressing as evident by the fact that ESPN’s back for round two.

If nothing else, at least it’ll rile up some stodgy sports personalities and that’s always fun. Bad takes are takes too and All Takes Matter, no matter how few people are listening.