Guilty Gear developer Arc System Works made a crazy music video to celebrate their 30th anniversary


You bet it has a lot of guitar

Arc System Works, along with Inti Creates, is low key one of my favorite developers in the industry right now. It’s hard to believe it’s been 30 years (a fact they even address in their 30th celebration festivities by noting that they’ve “somehow managed to stay in the industry [this long]”), but they’re still trucking, arguably more popular than ever with Dragon Ball FighterZin the mix. hell

Hell, they have three main stage games at EVO 2018 — more than Capcom or any other fighting game developer.They’re not just a fighting game factory though, as they’ve produced works from plenty of other genres over their three decade history, including one of the best shooters of last generation — Hard Corps: Uprising.

You can celebrate along with them with these two videos (one Japanese, one English, respectively), showcasing some various factoids of their storied career along with some cheese to boot. Here’s to 30 more years.