Gundam AGE-1 coming to Gundam Versus


Look at all the extra content!

At Tokyo Game Show 2017, Bandai Namco announced that Gundam AGE-1, one of the stars of the anime Gundam AGE, will be coming to Gundam Versus. The first in a generation of protagonists will be coming to the game on September 26 for Japan, and will be bringing a load of new content with it.

You can check out the mobile suit in action below.

AGE-1 will be available at the same price as the other DLC mobile suits, but is currently the front runner for most bang for your dollar. The DLC will be including five strikers, which includes the AGE-1 and is the highest amount to date, as well as three titles and an emblem. However, it will also include a new song from the show for music. A new stage is also in the trailer, but it’s unclear for this author if it’s included with AGE-1 or if it will be available for everyone.

As you would expect, the international Namcos did not say anything about this DLC, let alone when it would arrive when the game launches this week. In fact, to make matters scarier, Namco tweeted about every single game that would be releasing internationally when it was streamed at TGS except for Gundam Versus. I get you’re hiding it because there’s a lot of DLC but come on Namco. That was a tournament of the game at TGS, showing what it looks like when played at a high skill level. That would’ve convinced more people about how well it plays and moved more units. Heck, some people aren’t buying it until they see missing series back in like AGE, meaning this DLC gives hope for those series to return.

Gundam Versus releases in North America and Europe this week on September 29.