Gungrave VR is officially coming west and I might be the only person excited for it


VR + niche anime = profit?

Yasuhiro Nightow has had a pretty big impact on my life just by virtue of creating Trigun. He quit his job to fulfill his dream as a manga artist, an act that led to the creation of the series in 1995. It was eventually adapted into an anime that gave me a lot of joy in a difficult period in my life.

After TrigunNightow also created a cross-media franchise in Gungrave, the story of a resurrected assassin codenamedBeyond the Grave, which has remained dormant for some time until developersIggymob and Blueside decided to resurrect it in VR form. What’s even more bizarre is that this niche project is coming west, compliments of XSeed.

Set for the fall Gungrave VRfeatures multiple editions ($29.99 for the base, $14.99 for a “second episode,” with three new levels and some extras, or $34.99 for a retail version), only for PS4.