H1Z1 and EverQuest are getting shrunk down for mobile devices


Z1 Quest

NantWorks LLC has made an investment in Daybreak Game Company to create a new joint venture company (NantG Mobile LLC) focused on mobile game development. The first two titles to come out of this will be mobile conversions of H1Z1 and EverQuest. Along with that, NantG Mobile will assume control of the current PC version if H1Z1 for future development, which is set to be renamed Z1 Battle Royale.

Jason Epstein, Chairman of the Board for DayBreak, told Business Wire, “Daybreak Games is pleased to have NantWorks as our investment partner to support and accelerate the growth of our company. Working with NantWorks, NantStudio and Dr. Soon-Shiong will allow us to maintain our cutting-edge development in the video game industry and to benefit from Nant’s technological expertise and reach as a resource.”

NantWorks is also planning to build a new event hub near the LA Times Center. Situated in El Segundo, Los Angeles, this center will contain an event space, a production studio and multiple e-sports arenas to host tournaments. As Business Wire states, it will be a “convening hub” for the community and a place for NantG Mobile to launch multiple new e-sports leagues.

NantWorks Makes Strategic Investment in Daybreak Game Company and Establishes Video Game Publishing Joint Venture, NantG Mobile [Business Wire]