Hades got its last big Early Access update before version 1.0


Face Charon one-on-one in The Blood Price

Hades has had a hell of a ride in Early Access, but it’s in the home stretch and I couldn’t be more stoked. Today, Supergiant released The Blood Price – its “biggest ever” update, and its final one before the version 1.0 launch adds a proper ending, extra content, and a full localization “later this year.”

Not that this should come as a surprise – it’s Supergiant – but Hades looks so dang sharp. Really, I mean it. Don’t skip the Blood Price trailer just because you’re not playing Hades. It’ll still amp you up.

If you have time for the full patch notes, look no further. Otherwise, here’s the team’s rundown:

  • The Stygian Boatman, Charon, is finally unmasked, and has new inventory in stock in his shops & Wells (plus a surprise or two)!
  • Discover three new Legendary Weapon Aspects, including the Shield’s Aspect of Beowulf and the Bow’s Aspect of Rama!
  • Get new Boons from each Olympian, including Duo Boons for every pairing — plus, new Daedalus Hammer upgrades for each weapon!
  • Take on new foes, mini-bosses, even a hidden boss! Beware the Wretched Sneak, Doomstone, Dracon, and other dangers.
  • Experience new story events with almost every character, with more than 3,500 new voice lines added for this update!
  • This update also features a huge amount of new-and-improved art and audio, not to mention a totally revamped code base that should make the game run even faster and smoother for many players.

I respect any game that lets me foolishly steal from a powerful yet stoic shopkeeper and face the grave consequences. Charon is no pushover, so think twice before “borrowing” from his stockpile.

As for that last bullet point in the update, Supergiant “can’t yet confirm any additional platforms.”

Dive Into the Blood Price Update! [Steam]