Half-Life 2 in the style of Hotline Miami is the best thing on the Internet today


We go to Miami, but not Ravenholm

We’ve all slaughtered scores of headcrabs, but we’ve never done it from this perspective. This fan-made game takes the Hotline Miamiapproach to Half-Life 2, trading Freeman’s viewpoint for a chaotic overhead one. It may not be as personal, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t look like one hell of a time.

Thomas Kole is the creator of the appropriately named Half-Line Miami, and he says that he made this game as “a declaration of [his] love for these two games, and as an experiment in game design.” Well, these are two fantastic examples, so it’s no surprise that they look to hold up when crammed together.

Interestingly, there’s no shooting to be done in Half-Line Miami. Everything looks to be done with the Gravity Gun. The Combine, ant-lions, and those creepy Ravenholm zombies all splatter when hit with a projectile. Saw blades are particularly useful on the undead, but I bet you already knew that.

As this pertains to you, Half-Line Miamiis more than just a flashy trailer; it’s available to download and play for free. Go ahead and spend some of Friday gettin’ your Freeman on. You’ve earned it.

Half-Line Miami[Half-Line Miami]