Halo Infinite gets increased XP payout for first few matches of the day


You should be getting some more experience for those early matches

Halo Infinite has had a lot of talk around its progression. Developer 343 Industries has been vocal in acknowledging criticism and fine-tuning the model for its free-to-play multiplayer. And today, they’re detailing some new changes to Halo Infinite that should bank more XP for your first few matches.

Halo community manager John Junyszek published a tweet thread last night, running down the update that should be going live this morning. Following the addition of a “play one game” challenge, updated weeklies, and doubled duration of 2XP Boosts, the team monitored data to make more changes if needed.

After seeing how XP was earned with those changes, we noticed that players were starting their sessions with slower payouts than we'd like. To address this, we will be increasing the XP payout for the first 6 matches of each day. An outline of this update can be found below:

— John Junyszek (@Unyshek) November 30, 2021

Junyszek says that with those changes, players were still starting out their play sessions with slower payouts. The fix is boosting up the XP payout for the first six matches each day. The Halo Infinite XP payout with today’s update is as follows:

  • First game: 300 XP
  • Second and third game: 200 XP
  • Fourth through sixth game: 100 XP
  • Seventh and beyond: 50 XP

These definitely seem like a pretty hefty boost to early progression each day, while metering back down once you’re hitting a bunch of games played. For a battle pass season that’s set to run until May 2022, at least, it should hopefully give plenty of time for people to pop in and out, getting the rewards they want.

It’s also nice that Halo Infinite is pretty fun to play, even just going by multiplayer alone. I spent the long weekend away from my setup and came back eager to dive back into Fiesta and Big Team Battle, and was still loving the chaos and action. Progression is definitely important, especially for folks who want to make their Spartans look distinct and personalized. But I’m also all about just playing some more Halo Infinite.

Maybe that’s the days of playing the Halo PC demo over and over talking. But with these changes and their preceding efforts, 343 Industries has at least shown they’re paying attention and turning knobs to address areas where people feel there could be more reward.