Halo Infinite's multiplayer overview shows off its Academy, customization, and some sick grapples


The bots are back

Following yesterday’s appearance in the Xbox & Bethesda E3 showcase, 343 Industries showcased a little more of Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer today in a new overview. And we actually got a fair bit of info, not just in gameplay, but in what’s coming for the new look of Halo multiplayer.

Halo Infinite multiplayer will be a free-to-play experience (as has been previously announced) for PC and Xbox. Alongside what you might expect from a usual Halo experience, like power weapons and vehicles, there are some new tools for destruction too; the grappling hook obviously changes up momentum, and you can also see points where the player grapples a hammer or power-up to themselves to pick up.

Equipment is also back, as is the Razorback, the Warthog’s sturdier cousin. The back of the Razorback has a compartment where you can stash power weapons, detached turrets, or even fusion coils or objectives.

What appealed the most to me was the Academy, a new location within multiplayer that acts as both a tutorial area and a warm-up range for playing. These features have become gradually more and more commonplace in games, and seeing Halo implement onboarding tools, built-in warm-up areas, and bots for Infinite is a good sign to me.

343 Industries also confirms there are no loot boxes, and there will be a Battle Pass, though it will never be taken away. As described in the video, it sounds like there will be Battle Passes with seasonal updates, but Passes won’t be “taken away.” As new ones come out, you’ll be able to purchase old ones and elect which Passes to put progression towards, which is a nice way of ensuring a good skin or cosmetic doesn’t pass players by.

Overall, today’s showcase seemed like a solid overview of what’s coming in the new Halo multiplayer suite. Halo Infinite is still aiming for a holiday launch later this year on Xbox and PC.