Halo Infinite Season 2 trailer shows what's in store for May 3


Lone Wolves be free tonight

343 Industries are showing off the next season of Halo Infinite. Dubbed “Lone Wolves,” Season 2 of Halo Infinite is due to arrive on May 3, and it’s got some new multiplayer content in tow.

The Halo Infinite team has made the targeted launch date of May 3 known over on the Halo Waypoint blog before now, but today we got a glimpse of all the action in motion. This includes new maps, modes, and more in the upcoming Battle Pass.

343 Industries has been discussing what’s in store for Halo Infinite Season 2 over on the Waypoint, including some story. A mix of cinematic, story-themed Events, and Battle Pass items are all intended to embody the “Lone Wolves” theme.

Cosmetics are one thing, and thankfully Halo Infinite‘s Battle Pass system means this one will stick around, rather than being time-limited. When it comes to gameplay, however, a few updates are on the way too. Map-wise, an Arena map called Catalyst and Big Team Battle map called Breaker are on the way.

Bigger birthday parties

New modes are also in store for Halo Infinite Season 2. Last Spartan Standing is a free-for-all elimination mode, and another new mode called Land Grab is on the way. King of the Hill fans (not the TV show, sorry) will also be happy to see the mode return this season too, with a refresh.

343 Industries went into some more detail about what’s in store with this upcoming season for Halo in another blog, ranging from weapon damage changes and odd issues to audio alterations. My personal favorite: “The volume of the Grunt Birthday Party sound effect will be increased in Campaign.”

What’s not in store for Halo Infinite‘s second season is campaign co-op. 343 has confirmed the feature is not able to ship on May 3, though it is looking at delivering Campaign network co-op sometime later in Season 2. Forge is also still on the way, and 343 has said it still aims to ship Forge in Halo Infinite Season 3.