Halo Infinite's first monthly Game Pass Ultimate perks include a special skin


Speaking in the Pass Tense

A new slew of Xbox Game Pass arrivals got announced today, which included (of course) Halo Infinite. But alongside getting into the campaign, Xbox Game Pass owners are also getting some Halo Infinite multiplayer goodies.

In today’s Xbox blog post, the company confirms that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will get Perks every month for Halo Infinite multiplayer. Xbox has been doing these bonuses for a while in different multiplayer games, but with Halo Infinite just around the corner, this will help add a little more variety to your cosmetic arsenal.

On Dec. 8, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners can pick up the ‘Pass Tense’ MA40 Assault Rifle coating for Halo Infinite, alongside four extra 2XP boosts and four Challenge Swaps. You’ll need Halo Infinite multiplayer downloaded, obviously, and it will be available on Xbox, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Halo Infinite Game Pass Perks

It’s a pretty slick-looking skin, to be honest. I like the Xbox green shade, it fits with the whole 20th anniversary celebration they’ve been doing.

Now, can it replace the Nerf rifle skin that has been gracing the battlefields of all my Halo Infinite matches? Probably not. The skin rules. But if you haven’t personally spent cash on buying a Nerf blaster you can use in Halo, then the ‘Pass Tense’ might be a nice freebie.

Moving forward, it’ll be interesting to see what 343 Industries keeps packing in. A steady trickle of XP boosts and Challenge Swaps would be nice, but I’m hoping for some cosmetics for rarer weapons too. Give me a Needler that glows green, or a Cindershot that does the Xbox noise when the shots go whizzing by.

Halo Infinite is currently live with its multiplayer beta, while the (single-player) campaign goes live next week on Dec. 8 for Xbox consoles, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming.