Haven is a 'breath of fresh air' after Furi


It’s a co-op RPG about a couple

Furi is known for its tough bosses and layered combat, but Haven, the next title from The Game Bakers, is going in a decidedly different direction. Here’s our first proper look at the co-op RPG adventure.

Aside from pulsing new tracks from Danger, the team also says to think along the lines of “Journey meets Persona.” The story centers around Yu and Kay, a couple on a deserted planet. The bit that has me all the way on board is the traversal you get to glide over toxic “rust” to wipe it from the map.

I’m also curious about the battles, which aren’t completely turn-based or real-time. “You load orders for each character by holding buttons, and they launch their action when you release,” according to the studio. “It requires tactic and synchronization to either chain attacks or combine them.”

It’s possible to play Haven alone, or you can team up locally. Player two can jump in “at any time.”

“As with Furi, we tried to make a game that you have never experienced before,” explained creative director Emeric Thoa. “The story of a couple fighting for their freedom, an established relationship: what love looks like when you’ve moved past the early seduction phase, when you can be your true self with one another… I don’t think that’s been done much in video games.”

The Game Bakers pulled off a fierce but rewarding action game in Furi, and I’m eager to see them work their same magic for a “relaxing” RPG. Do the two games share a connection? I’ve got some ideas. Something tells me we won’t find out until next year when this hits PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.